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Motivation and Appreciation (No one likes a virtual happy hour)

Remote working offers many benefits to companies and employees alike, however there is a downfall: many employees experience a significant dip in energy and motivation levels. Lack of motivation impacts adversely on company culture, team engagement and in the end hinders productivity and performance.

Be cautious of following the virtual happy hour trend, that everyone is seemingly raving about... because very few people actually enjoy virtual happy hours.

Let's unpack a few alternatives to remote beers and virtual cocktails then:

Jazz up the online vibe: Think office trivia, watch parties, gaming marathons, quiz days or kitchen table hangout rooms. A few smart searches on google and a dynamic, buzzy virtual culture is within your reach. The aim is FUN, so be sure to ban all work related topics and discussions from these events.

Go for the unexpected: Allo kids, pets or significant others to crash in on meetings every no and again to disrupt the monotony of zoom conferencing. A quirky trend at the moment is to invite a special guest to the online meeting for example an avatar, farm animal or cartoon carathert. Google ''inviting the goat'' for more innovative ideas.

Recognition & Appreciation: Employees feel valued when they receive recognition and appreciation for their efforts. A good read on the subject is The Five Appreciation Languages at Work from Paul White. Employees respond to meaningful work, in other words being made aware that their contributions matter in the bigger scheme of things. Providing employment actualization is a fantastic way to nurture appreciation culture for remote working conditions.

Give them the reigns of leadership: Responsibility and accountability are actuators of self-drive and motivation. Offer employees the opportunity to mentor each other, self-manage specific tasks or be part of a collaboration system where they keep each other accountable and keep their spirits high during challenging times. Strategies to implement could be upside-down coaching, colleague to colleague training or back-a-buddy initiatives.

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