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Deciphering the Science Behind Job Searching: Part VI - The Glass is Half Full

Feel like you are not a 100% fit for the job advertisement?

No need to despair. Stats have shown that meeting 50% of the job requirements, may still land you the interview. The write-up below, from Kushal Chakrabarti at TalentWorks explains the statistics in more detail.

Meeting ~50% of Job “Requirements” Is Good Enough [+192% BOOST]

"Project Manager needed. Must have 5+ years of experience, be Six Sigma certified, have advanced deep learning knowledge, and be able to perform surgery on occasion."

Who really has all that? Turns out, basically no one. You’re as likely to get a job interview meeting 50% of job requirements as meeting 90% of them.

Put simply:

  • if you meet <30% of a job’s requirements, you’re in trouble — you have a <5% chance of getting an interview callback.

  • if you meet 40-50% of the requirements, you’re +85% more hireable.

  • if you meet 50-60%, you’re +192% more hireable.

  • after 60%, it doesn’t really matter.

Even if you met 90% of a job’s requirements on paper, you’re still basically as hireable as if you met 60% of those requirements.

You should absolutely apply for a job if you meet 50%+ of a job’s requirements.

Apply for Jobs Within ±2 Years of Your Experience

"Jr. Marketing Assistant. Perfect for new grads! Requirements: 3 years of digital marketing experience. Compensation: $12/hour."

The job search can feel like one big Catch-22: “How the hell am I supposed to get experience if I can’t get a job to get experience?” In fact, after analyzing a random sample of 95,363 jobs, we discovered that 61% of all full-time “entry-level” jobs require 3+ years of experience.

You don’t have to play by their rules. Based on our analysis, you can successfully apply to jobs if you’ve got ±2 years of the required experience.

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