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As we are heading for FEB 2020, its perhaps time to take stock of open vacancies and delve a bit deeper into the "Why can't we get these roles filled?"

There could be a few scenario's at play here:

1) Insufficient candidate flow - direct applications and resumes third party agencies are zero to none

2) Numerous interviews took place, but prospective candidates are missing that X factor

3) More than one offer extended....and declined

Let's call a spade a spade: if your vacancy has remained unfilled for more than 8 weeks, the problem lies with the discrepancy between vacancy requirements and remuneration offered.

Something's gotta give:

1) Re-evaluate the job description and either drop the non-negotiable requirements or increase the salary band

2) Consider changing preconceived ideas about long-term working tenure....people may move every 2-3 years, that doesn't mean they are job hoppers or uncommitted (see our post of vetting, background checking and referencing)

3) Consulting or contracting shouldn't be a discriminating factor when screening candidates

4) If candidates are prepared to relocate themselves...let them!

In the end the remains: "How badly do you need this role filled?"

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