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For the consultants at SearchRSA, the number one goal is to find passive technical and engineering talent for the medical device, life sciences, and chemical industries.

They network all day every day (often nights and weekends too!) to build networks of individuals to present your opportunities. This narrow focus ensures that our consultants rapidly build the technical understanding of the unique roles within niche areas where those Purple Squirrels hide from the public domain (social media, job boards, employment sites, etc.).

If they are out there, we'll find them!

Sherri is a Senior Talent Sourcing and Marketing Specialist with decades of experience. She will move mountains and get purple squirrels to relocate 3k miles across four states to take up a position at your company. Don't expect any mumbo jumbo from her though, if the person you want doesn't exist within the given criteria, you will know about it. However, she is a master at offering alternative candidate solutions to accommodate the budget.

Blair is our Strategic Sourcing Samurai who will go above and beyond, making over 80 calls per day to find your purple squirrel. Quitting on a job spec is not part of her vocabulary. Her interview methods are meticulous and very detailed to ascertain a candidate's exact motivations for moving before she even contemplates to submit a resume.

Megan is our New Kid on the Block. If it is chemical purple squirrels in process control engineering that you are after, she is your go-to girl. Networking, networking, and networking is her main priority right now, so be sure to get in touch to discuss future resourcing needs (whether those are for next week or next year, she would love to engage in a conversation).

LaTasha keeps the SearchRSA talent pool full. Her knowledge of engineering terminologies, boolean searching, recruitment analytics, and hiring trends are indispensable. She is our Research Rocketeer feeding the SearchRSA Purple Squirrel pipeline day in and day out. Add system maintenance, social media mastery, and automation to the mix and you get a specialist research backbone that supports our consultants to provide service excellence at all times.

Ever wondered why SMART COMPANIES outsource their talent acquisition? Read more here -

You'll never know if you don't try right? Take the plunge down the recruitment rabbit hole and give us a call!

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