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Don't lose it all at the OFFER STAGE

In today's World of Work, employees are no longer have to scavenge to find employment; they can pick and choose between employers for their next career move.

Imagine that you spent weeks or months of searching, shortlisting and interviewing candidates, only to lose your new hire with an inferior offer process. Too many companies view an offer of employment as a simple negotiation process similar to that of buying a car.

To candidates, an employment offer is a personal measure of their self-worth. Their enthusiasm for the job and the organization can evaporate in an instant with a poorly executed offer.

If you set an expectation that the offer will be extended in 48 hours, it is not acceptable to deliver after three days. If the candidate has said he will accept x, then don't try and low-ball after the fact. Drive the efficiency of your internal hiring procedures. Great candidates are lost during long bureaucratic paperwork processes.

Include additional information he or she will need to make a decision. If there is a bonus or other benefits, attach the conditions or pertinent details. Arrange a dummy pay stub, clearly showing take-home pay.

Be quick, be professional, be someone YOU would want to work for.

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