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Recruiting Beyond 2020: Unique application & Interview Processes

Heads up talent professionals and hiring managers: candidates are the new consumers of employer's hiring practices.

Fail to deliver on a CX (candidate experience) regarding application and interview processes and you may as well deliver them on a silver platter to the competition.

Think online application forms, phone screens and "one on one", or "one to group" discussions around a boardroom table.....think again.

The candidates of today expect engaging application functionalities, unique testing and assessment exercises, and interviews offering something vastly different to the norm.

Perhaps there is no need to design Chatbot Charlie (yet), however there is significant room for improvement to transcend application and interview practices from boring to scoring.

Uber deploys coding challenges as part of their application process and Vodafone's CEO personally greets every candidate via video before the virtual interview commences.

In the link below are examples of unique recruitment campaigns and interview practices to enhance the overall Candidate Experience.

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