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Leaders in the Workplace: To share or not to share

Can authenticity, genuineness, and vulnerability be taken too far for those in leadership positions?

Paul White from Appreciation at Work addresses the darker side of oversharing in the workplace.

The past few years there has been an increased focus in our culture on genuineness, authenticity, and vulnerability – for people in general, but specifically for leaders in the workplace. Like most movements, the call for a return to being truly ourselves in our interactions with others is a needed one.

For far too long, we have focused more on image and looking good rather than building substance, true character and competence in our lives. While the pursuit of looking like we have it together is not new, the intensity has been magnified through social media (“likes” on Facebook, becoming an “influencer” based solely on the number of followers you have regardless of any skill, ability or knowledge base).

So . . . yes, we do need to be more genuine and authentic with one another. But, the other truism of most movements is that the pendulum can swing too far in the other direction, and some people blindly push the principle to an absurd extreme.

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