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Recruiting Beyond 2020: Employee Referrals

Today we are discussing the 2nd DIY technique to take recruitment practices to the next level.

The next rockstar candidate required for that hard-to-fill vacancy is probably known to an employee already working in your company. Employee ''informants'' need rewards to spill the beans on who they know. To improve referral flow implement an incentive scheme, aligned to the three main motivations for spurring humans into action:

Time: How about a day's paid vacation for every referral being employed?

Money: Referral Fees, Gift Cards, Entertainment Vouchers

Purpose: Assign them as a ''work buddy'' or mentor to the new employee.

Involve them in the on-boarding, induction or training of the candidate they referred.

Click on the link below for a comprehensive guide to successful Employee Referral Programmes by major industry players.

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