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Recruiting beyond 2020: Switch to the passive talent pools, but you have to build them first

"The task of recruiting has moved from the reactive filling of requisitions to proactively courting high-quality talent.” - Josh Bersin, Deloitte Insights

Good candidates have careers, they are working hard, paid well and not paying attention to job boards, browsing adverts or trolling career portals. In order to attract the best available candidate into your organization you need to delve into the passive candidate market place.

Recruitment strategies need to shift from re-actively sourcing for requirements to proactively cultivating talent pools of passive candidates with future roles in mind.

Passive candidates account for 70% of the global workforce and the time to switch pools is now, otherwise, you are missing out on over two-thirds of potential top talent willing to engage in conversation if presented with a fitting opportunity.

In the end, ask yourself: do you want the best candidate or the best available (active) candidate?

The link below provides an excellent representation of sourcing strategies to build passive talent pipelines.

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