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2020 Resume Guide #4: Summary (AKA Objective)

Most of us were told to write an objective at the top of our resume that will differentiate our personality and convey our intent. However, new research suggests retiring that written elevator-pitch.

It turns out that resume objectives and summaries do NOT work in your favor (unless you’re a recent grad). In fact, according to TalentWorks you are about 30% LESS LIKELY to be called for an interview if you applied with an objective or summary.

Behind the obstacle

Omitting the objective is much safer than including it, especially in non-technical career paths. The exact reason for this trend is unclear but we do know that most hiring managers only skim for particular keywords before calling you for an interview.

On the other hand, if you apply to a role that desires your unique or broad-ranging skills or experience then it may benefit you to highlight these areas at the beginning of your resume versus at the bottom.

Next week, we’ll review the resume skills/core competencies section.

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