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2020 Resume Guide #3: Branding

When you apply to a job that 300 other candidates have applied to as well, how do you stand out?

Consider adding a resume branding title or statement to differentiate yourself.

This requires professional self-reflection or the help of a professional resume writer. The individual must take a comprehensive look at their recent experience and current aspirations to create an appropriate brand title. This is not a replica of your current or past job titles

For example, a Manufacturing Engineer with a Biomedical Engineering degree and five years’ experience in project engineering could brand themselves as a Senior Biomedical Engineer, Project Engineering Leader, Manufacturing Engineering Leader, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Project Engineering Professional, Biomedical Project Engineering Specialist, etc.

What you choose ultimately depends on the role you’re striving for next.

For another example, let's say you're in sales and want to move into management but don't officially have management experience, you could convey that by combining the two to say something like B2B Sales Leader.

Put this self-established identifier at the top of your resume under your name and contact details. Next week I'll cover the resume summary.

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