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2020 Resume Guide #2: Your Contact Details

If you take the time to write your resume, make sure you have the best contact information listed. The purpose of your resume is to get calls from potential employers.

Traditionally, those calls would be from places you have already applied, categorizing you as an “active” job seeker. Today, it’s beneficial for your personal career growth to be open to hearing of new opportunities, even if you’re not looking to leave your current employer (i.e. “passive” job seeker).

What contact details should you include?

  1. Your city, state, and zip – zip being key. Your street address and apartment number are not necessary until the interview process starts.

  2. Your cell – not home number. More and more employers are using text to communicate with candidates.

  3. Your personal email - that you check regularly. Make sure it’s general/professional. Emails like “tastywave” and “missmurda” to show off your personality or hobbies should be avoided.

  4. Your LinkedIn profile. Employers will look you up, so it’s best to be ahead of the game. View article on how social media profiles can affect your employment.

  5. Relocation details. Help recruiters help you by listing ‘not open to relocation’ or ‘open to relocation’ along with preferred states, cities, and/or areas.

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