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Talent Gremlin #4 - High Offer to Acceptance Ratio (multiple offers extended for same position)

Picture this scenario: A few years back I engaged with a client who was in dire straits regarding a vital role, which for some reason, just could not be filled. They extended 14 offers in 12 months for that role! Imagine that?

If the Offer to Acceptance Ratio in your division is more than 1.5, there is a problem.

Reason 1: The candidate's primary motivation for moving was not determined during the screening and interviewing process. Think of CLAMPS - Challenge, Location, Money, People, Stability. If money is the main motivator, your candidate is likely to accept a counteroffer or sell themselves to the highest bidder.

Reason 2: Time kills the deal. If the offer process takes too long, commitment declines, doubts set in and the temptation to look for a plan B and C increases.

Reason 3: Salary expectations not clarified up front, which include the ''dissection'' of current earnings and also hidden benefits like interest rate savings and short-term future gains like annual increases and bonus payouts. Do not forget the impact of moving from a benefit-light to a benefit-heavy remuneration structure (an offer amounting to a 100k increase may render the same nett salary or even less.)

The devil is in the details. Always question more!!

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