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Talent Gremlin #3 - High Interview Invitation to Interview Taken Place Ratio (aka numerous invitatio

We have all experienced at some stage, the chaos surrounding scheduling, cancelling, rescheduling and postponing of interviews.

This seemingly insignificant ratio of invites vs actual interviews may shed light on a number of issues that could be jeopardising sustainable hiring practices.

  • Inadequate screening pertaining to candidate motivations for moving and commitment to changing jobs. Once they land the interview, they ''bail''.

  • Inflexible interview diaries. Often the best candidate is the one that can only attend at 07:00 in the morning.

  • Interviews scheduled at short notice without an appreciation for the candidate's work regime, options to request leave and project deadlines.

  • Interviews cancelled at short notice when the candidate is halfway to the premises already.

  • Lengthy process timeframes from application received to interview invitations. Out of sight and out of mind.

Have a look at your interview ratio - 80% of invitations should result in actual interviews. If not, something is amiss.

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