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'CLAMPING' Down - Why are you looking for another job?

Resume completed. Job openings identified. Multiple applications sent. Interview invites confirmed.

Before you pick out an outfit, read up about the prospective company or stalk the hiring manager on Linkedin, take a step back to ask: "Why do I want to move from my current employer?" Nope, it's not always about the money.

The six motivations for moving jobs are:

C - Challenge

L - Location

A - Advancement

M - Money

P - People

S - Stability


Why is this relevant? Research has shown that employees are most content when their top 3 motivations for moving are satisfied (reciprocated) by the new company, as well as the position at hand. Everyone is unique and will prioritize these motivations in different orders. Don't be blinded by dollars (Money) or titles (Advancement) only.

Answer your "Why am I moving?" long before stepping into that interview room.

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