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Talent acquisition gremlins.....further important ratios to consider

Our investigation into problematic Talent Ratio's continues with this discussion regarding offers extended, acceptances, declines, counteroffers and actual ''start'' statistics.

Remember we are dealing with ratios. The higher the ratio, the more problematic the issue to solve.

High Offer to Acceptance Ratio (Offers extended for the same position more than once)

Possible Reasons: Timeframes to lengthy or salary expectations not met due to expectations not set upfront; the benefit package variations and effect on net salary not clarified up front; candidate's primary motivation is Money, instead of Challenge, Advancement, Stability, People, or Location (CLAMPS); more lucrative offers elsewhere, counteroffer acceptance where the candidate is not really ready to move; or using the offer as a hostage mechanism to increase earnings at the current organization.

High Acceptance to Actual Start Ratio (Offers get accepted and signed, but candidate does not start, bails out during resignation month)

Possible Reasons: Commitment issues, fear of change, no engagement from the new company during resignation month, the candidate not prepared to cope with challenges presented after the resignation and working in proverbial enemy territory, serial interviewing.

During the next few weeks, I will start addressing these problematic ratios one by one offering potential suggestions to implement for a visible improvement and strategies to create a more sustainable Talent Acquisition Strategy.

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