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HUMAN ASSET MATTERS....Fixate before Fixing

Human Capital, Human Resources, Employees, Staff, Workforce, Personnel, about Human Assets rather?

Ellyn Shook, Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer, at Accenture once stated: “Paradoxically, the truly human skills, from leadership to creativity, will remain highly relevant and winning organisations will strike the right balance – leveraging the best of technology to elevate, not eliminate their people.”

FACT: A human asset "matters" to your organization. WHY: Expertise, Skills, Experience, Value Adding, Performance, Profit Enhancing, Creation, Innovation, Operations, Service, Production, Function

FACT: A human asset generates "matters" to contend with HOW: Issues, Challenges, Hurdles, Problems, Incidents, Circumstances, Ideas, Perceptions, Behaviours, Situations, Concerns, Arguments, Complications

As managers, our focus should be shifting from "fixing" our talent gremlins to "fixating" on the causes thereof.

In my next post, I will discuss the Low Response to Vacancy Ratios impacting on the annual Vacancy Open versus Vacancy Filled metrics.

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