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Resume Accomplishments with IMPACT

Accomplishments, Achievements, and Accolades form an integral part of your resume. They serve the specific purpose of highlighting those unique capabilities that sets you apart from the rest of the candidate applications. Accomplishment statements should showcase direct, measurable impacts of your contributions to the company's bottom line and be quantifiable in terms of numerical values, percentages, time frames, frequencies and dollar amounts.

Creating an accomplishment section is fairly simple if you follow a step-by-step process, where each statement contains a feature, a benefit and a quantification:

Step 1: What sets you apart, what you are most proud of? (Feature)

Step 2: What was the value generated to the company by your actions? For instance, did you save time, decrease expenses, increase turnover, boost productivity, or improve employee morale? (Benefit)

Step 3: Give proof by providing numbers, metrics, percentages, or dollar values (Quantification)

The golden rule is relevance. The accomplishments listed should always align to your field of expertise and of course the job you are applying for.

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