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If you are a manager, the biggest obstacle to you achieving fantastic results is the strength of your team. Companies should be improving their business hire by hire, top grading their talent each and every opportunity they have to bring in someone new. Too many managers abdicate the responsibility to find new talent to HR and are involved only during the interview. This is like asking your mother to find you a date, she will have a broad understanding of what you are looking for but that might not quite be the person you want.

Ensure that your recruiter has the expertise and understanding of the candidate you want to hire. Choose a recruiter who specializes in this area and who can converse comfortably about the the type of candidates and skills required. Ensure you have a detailed conversation with the recruiter, don't rely on a written job description.

There is no way you can adequately communicate all your needs and wants on a job description.

Human resources should be your coach and guide in the process. They are there to make sure you follow the company rules, the law of the land and to be a sounding board when making your decisions. They will help you choose the recruiter you work with and advise you of those they have worked with in the past. The responsibility to achieve your department's results are yours and yours alone, take responsibility for the process of improving your team.

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