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A good recruiter would have started closing your candidate from their very first conversation with them. A good recruiter revisits the remuneration question prior to the interview and after every subsequent meeting. The closer a candidate gets to securing the role the higher their desires go, a good recruiter knows this and pulls them back to their original career change motivations.

In today's business world, employees are no longer grateful to find employment, they choose to work where they work. You don't want to go through all the effort of weeks or even month's of search only to lose your new hire with a poor offer process. Too many companies view an offer of employment as a simple negotiation process that you would use when buying a car. To the candidate, an offer of employment is a personal measure of their own self-worth. Their entire enthusiasm for you and your organisation can evaporate in an instant with a poorly executed offer.

If you say to the candidate they will have their offer in two days, it is not acceptable to deliver the offer in three days. If the candidate has said he will accept x then don't try and come in lower after the fact. Drive your internal processes, too many times we have seen great candidates lost to long bureaucratic paperwork processes.

Make sure your candidate has all the information he or she will need to make a decision, if there is a bonus, attach the bonus rules, if there are some other benefits, have the details of those. Arrange a dummy payslip so the candidate understands clearly what he or she will be taking home. In short, be quick, be professional, be someone you would want to go and work for.

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