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Our search process

Prior to engaging with the client, Searchrsa has been proactively recruiting within the specific niche of the market, ensuring a competitive advantage by;

  • Dedicating recruiters to a narrow, specialist niche ensuring they become widely known within this candidate community.

  • Each recruiter phoning and discussing career opportunities with candidates by making over 1500 telephone calls per month and holding over 200 in depth career discussions.

  • Spending at least one full working day every two months receiving international training and honing our recruiting skills.


A telephonic interview is done with the client with the purpose of determining the exact nature of the client's requirement and to educate and inform the client on the best processes to follow in order to secure talent. Our goals for this initial discussion are;

  • To develop a deep and detailed understanding of the position from the technical and skill requirements through to the character and personal issues.

  • To understand the client companies position within the competitive landscape and the possible sources of great candidates.

  • To understand the cultural issues at the client company and to develop the compelling reason why the requirement would be a career opportunity for candidates.

  • To discuss and clarify with the client issues around compensation and benefits.

  • To educate the client on the best process to follow to maximise the chances of securing the best available candidate.

  • To gain commitment on process, deliverables, key dates and our fee.Search


We then engage in our search, looking for the ideal candidate, ensuring our client hires from the best available pool of candidates not just the candidates that apply to job adverts, this is done by;

  • Preparing a contact list of over 100 people within the specific niche who may be interested or know of someone who is interested.

  • Telephoning over 80 people per day, discussing the opportunity with them and asking for their assistance in tracking down that ideal candidate. narrowing down to a list of suitable candidates and presenting the opportunity to over 20 candidates for every candidate interviewed by the client company.

  • Short-listing and engaging with the suitable candidates.


We then prepare the candidate for the selection process and endeavour to;

  • Gain a firm understanding of their skills and character and the alignment of this with the needs of the client.

  • Uncover their motivations for a career change and any problem areas.

  • Closing the candidate on desired remuneration and career opportunity decisions. preparing a presentation of the candidate to our clients.

  • Ensuring spouse and other close family and friends are consulted correctly if the opportunity would require relocation or impact on family and social life.


Interview and selection
  • Our next task is to get candidate and client to meet, we do this by;

  • Presenting candidates to the hiring manager via a telephonic conference and getting confirmation of a desire to interview our shortlist.

  • Providing the hiring manager with a copy of the candidate's resume. Preparing the candidate for his or her interview.

  • Expediting the interview process to ensure this process runs smoothly.


After the initial round of interviews we need to begin closing both the client and the candidate on the opportunity, we do this by;

  • Ensuring both parties want to continue the process or if not to inform the other with reasons as to the lack of interest. Having an in-depth discussion with the client about his or her observations of the candidate, answering any objections.

  • Committing to follow-up on the unresolved issues of the client. Having an in-depth discussion with the candidate about the career opportunity and his or her impression of the client and the hiring manager.

  • Again answering any questions and overcoming initial objections.

  • Committing to follow-up on the unresolved issues of the candidate.

  • Starting to close the candidate on the opportunity and the remuneration package required.


After the initial round of interviews we need to answer any remaining questions and bring the parties closer and perform any required due diligences;

  • We will reference the candidate as per the needs of the client, paying attention to concerns raised by the client in the initial interview.

  • Facilitate any second round of interviews, site visits, assessments or other. Start the process of closing the client on the required offer of employment.

  • Assist the candidate on research with respect to the client company, schools in the area, information on the local community, discussions on spousal placement.

  • Ensure commitment from the candidates family and social network.

  • If either party elects out of the process at this point we will again involve the other, after this we need to assist the client company in attracting this new hire on-board by;

  • Advising on a best process in terms of the offer phase.

  • Negotiating the offer with the hiring manager to maximise chances of acceptance by the candidate with the goal of been able to accept the offer on behalf of the candidate.

  • Drawing up of a presentation of offer and contacting the candidate. assisting the candidate with his or her final decision and ensuring all paperwork is done correctly.



After the client has attracted the candidate we need to ensure that the candidate starts, we do this by;

  • Addressing the issue of "buyers remorse" by staying in contact with the candidate and reminding him or her of their initial reasons for looking at a new opportunity.

  • Assisting the candidate on resignation and preparing him for the response from his current employer including counter-offers.

  • Negotiating through the count-offer period and keeping the candidate committed to his or new employer.

  • Assisting the candidate with relocation information and ensuring the transition process is smooth.


After the candidate has started we will;

  • Stay in contact with the candidate, uncovering any new issues that where unforeseen but need attention.

  • Stay in contact with the hiring manager to see how the candidate is settling in and to uncover and address any initial teething problems.

  • Present our invoice to the hiring manager and facilitate the payment process.

  • Present a report to the hiring manager of our conclusions at the end of the search and lessons learnt.

  • Ask the hiring manager for his opinions and lessons learnt and request a letter of reference.

  • Use this information to be even better prepared for the next search.


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